‘Free for Three’ promotion runs for three months

New Entanet fibre broadband offer lets indie resellers “compete against the big players”

Wholesale communications provider Entanet is running a promotion to give independent resellers a boost in the growing fibre broadband market.

The ‘Free For Three’ promotion gives resellers free activation and copper broadband migration on new FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) orders.

The promotion runs for three months from August 5th to November 4th. Entanet says it will give resellers "a gilt-edged opportunity to win new business during the early-adopter phase of market uptake.

"The special offer ensures that resellers can compete against the big players in the retail market for fibre broadband sales," read a statement.

The offer allows partners to offer new customer activations and migrations by existing customers who are moving from any copper broadband product, including LLU, to FTTC, free of charge.

Entanet’s Product Manager, Paul Heritage-Redpath, said: “Independent resellers are facing strong competition from the mainstream providers in the UK broadband market and need all the help they can get to win new customers. By completely removing the activation and migration charges for customers moving from a BT or LLU-based copper broadband product with any provider, we’re giving resellers a great opportunity to win customers who are looking for a good value and reliable fibre broadband connection.

"“This latest FTTC promotion is open to all resellers who want the convenience of selling ready-made packages to their customers."

In May, Entanet introduced unlimited BT-based allowance products across its copper and fibre range.

Resellers interested in taking advantage of Entanet’s FTTC promotion can contact the partner sales team or visit www.enta.net/freeforthree.

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