IDC reveals PC shipments in the UK declined by 13.9 per cent during Q2 2013

UK PC sales dip as consumers keep old computers for longer

PC shipments in the UK fell by 13.9 per cent during Q2 – a drop that was to be expected claims research firm IDC.

Comparatively, worldwide PC shipments reached 75.6 million units during the period, down 11.4 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2012. 

IDC says tablet sales continued to grow, while consumers are keeping their current PCs for longer than usual.

"PC shipments in the UK for Q2 2013 were in line with expectations," read a statement from IDC sent to PCR.

"The home segment remained constrained with a decline of 22.2 per cent due to some inventory in the channel that needed to clear and weak consumer demand for the portable PC in favour of tablet devices.

"There was some uptake in the enterprise space from previous quarters and some companies are now making investments to upgrade their systems. Desktops declined year on year by 3.6 per cent and notebook volumes dropped by 19 per cent."

IDC also mentioned that while Ultrabooks and Convertible notebooks continued to gain interest, high price points and stronger traction for tablets continued to divert consumers’ budgets, with many simply opting to keep their PC a bit longer.

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