Fingers crossed they change the name

Apple testing 13-inch ‘iPad Maxi’

Apple and its suppliers are allegedly testing larger screens for the iPhone and iPad.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the firm is looking to release an iPad with a 12.9-inch screen as well as an iPhone with a display larger than the iPhone 5’s.

While there have been an abundance of rumours suggesting the next iPhone will increase its display size, there has been very few talking about the possibility of a larger iPad.

Back in May, Korean site reported that Apple was working on a larger iPad, also claiming it will measure 12.9-inches. The site stated that the new device would be called the ‘iPad Maxi’. Dear god, let’s hope it isn’t…

Apple is expected to unveil a host of new devices in September, with spec rumours including an iPhone 6 with a fingerprint sensor, a new slow-motion camera, and a new iPad Mini with a ten-hour battery life.

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