This month's My LIfe in Gadgets includes the PS2 and the iPad 2

Tim Shaw: My Life in Gadgets

Tim Shaw, national account manager at Linksys tells PCR about the most important gadgets in his life.

Getting a video camera to record trips with friends and family seemed a revelation; it gave me the opportunity to capture funny and nostalgic moments.

What a great console this was. The previous quality and range of games seemed to be so limited; the PS2 opened up a new way to pass the time. I had the first Nintendo and PS1 but this had great longevity and in the end my son took over ownership and used it for a couple more years.

After having the experience of doing up a flat and a house, plus the increase of flat-pack furniture building as the family grew, the introduction of the electric screwdriver was a great time-saving gadget. The strength of the first Black and Decker screwdriver was brilliant; it was so tough it could be used to bang in the odd nail as well.

At first I didn’t appreciate how much this product would be used. Its Wi-Fi capabilities have meant that it’s become a movable TV. Facetime and Skype is so good that my iPad 2 has almost made the use of a phone in the house obsolete. It’s replaced so many gadgets that were used on long car journeys and it’s paid for itself many times over.

The challenge of connecting to the internet was always limited to being near the phone junction box or running cables all over the place. The benefits of Wi-Fi came to my home via the Linksys router and it changed the landscape. It freed up new options for working at home. Its reliability and range has meant that the use has extended to streaming HD Video all over the house.

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