Derek Jones also talks about how members can boost sales with margin-making products.

Synaxon: “The little things can make a difference to your business”

Channel services group Synaxon UK says it offers members the support to improve the little things which can in turn result in a big boost for their business.

UK MD Derek Jones told PCR at the Synaxon UK 2013 National Conference: "The little things can make the difference between runners and gold medallists.

"But not only in sport but also in business – the difference between tears and jubilation can be measured in tiny fractions. 

"Sir David Brailsford coached the GB cycling team to great success, he worked a system of marginal improvements, a few tiny changes that when added together and compounded over months and years, add up to a significant difference in results.

"The British cycling team would not have had half the success that it has had over recent years without the implementation of multiple marginal improvements devised and delivered by their all important behind the scenes support team.

"At Synaxon we are not business coaches but I hope we are a small part of your behind the scenes support team and our multiple services will help you implement marginal improvements that ultimately will make your business a winner."

Jones mentioned visitor numbers for the 2013 conference were up year on year, with hundreds of registrations and more than 40 exhibitors.

"Synaxon is gathering momentum year on year. We’ve become more unified and satisfied with services [our members are] getting," he added. 

He also talked about where the market is heading and said resellers would do well to focus on more service-based offerings and margin-makers like office products.

"Recurring revenues is the trick," Jones commented. "Switch to selling margin makers."

"DMSL for example give small dealers hand holding to get into the monthly recurring business model. There’s no point just selling a cable to the customer if you can sell more – even if that’s stationery products like pencils and paper."

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