Bob Snyder from Channel Media Europe gives talk at 2013 Synaxon UK National Conference.

“Tablets aren’t killing the PC market”

Tablets aren’t to blame for the decline of PC hardware sales, says industry veteran Bob Snyder.

Channel Media Europe’s director was speaking at the 2013 Synaxon UK National Conference and we caught up with him after the talk.

"I’m upset market research firms pull tablets from sales data," he told PCR. "If tablets were included [the market] wouldn’t be generating negative coverage. We’d only be down slightly if tablets were included.

"The PC market is going through a change and is under pressure, but as long as there’s work there’s going to be a need for computers. You don’t use tablets to work.

"Tablets aren’t killing the PC. It’s combination of the internet, mobiles, social media, wireless [technology]. 

Snyder added: "Look at Google and Chromebooks. If hardware is such a bad thing, why does one of the world’s biggest companies want in on it?"

Snyder also said that investor Carl Icahn is one of the biggest defenders of PCs at the moment. Icahn is currently against Michael Dell taking the Dell business private.

"Why would Dell want to take the business private if the PC business was dying?" said Snyder.

"The PC business is not disappearing, it’s just changing."

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