Worker turns store sign upside-down after complaints

Former HMV worker opens HVM store, Hilco complains

A former employee of HMV has opened up his own music store in Derry called HVM.

Tony Cregan opened up the shop after his branch of HMV closed down earlier this year. "We thought what is the point calling the new show Local CDs, or whatever, we’ll just call it HVM. HMV is gone," he said.

A week after the store launched, Cregan was contacted by Hilco, the company who bought out HMV, and asked to change the name, saying that operating under the name HVM has caused substantial damage to HMV’s reputation.

But Cregan didn’t give up so easily – he did something ingenious. Rather than thinking up a new store name and having to spend more money on a new sign, he simply turned the HVM sign upside down and now the new Derry record store is called WAH.

Last month, PCR reported that Hilco was in talks to move HMV into 363 Oxford Street, where the first His Master’s Voice opened in 1921. It was also revealed that the retailer was considering leaving its flagship 150 Oxford Street store as it’s 58,000 square feet is too big for its requirements.

HMV collapsed into administration in January, and was acquired by Hilco shortly afterwards.

WAH image via The Guardian

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