Employees reportedly testing prototype that will be available in a range of colours.

Microsoft Surface smart watch to rival iWatch in 2014?

Microsoft is the latest tech giant rumoured to be developing a smart watch product – which could arrive next year.

It joins the likes of Apple which is reportedly producing an iWatch product, while the Sony SmartWatch 2 will hit UK shelves later this year and a Samsung smart watch is also in development.

Microsoft placed orders for 1.5-inch screens a few weeks ago and the product is already in the prototype stage, reports AmongTech. The watch will allegedly be available in a range of colours including blue, red, yellow, black, white and gray, with removable wrist bands. 

It’s said to be made from a type of Oxynitride aluminium which is 80 per cent transparent but around three or four times tougher than glass. Current manufacturing costs are said to be around $20,000 (£13,000) per square metre.

It could have its own version of Windows 8, 4G technology and 6GB of storage, and be able to communicate with smartphones.

Reports suggest the team behind Microsoft’s Surface tablets are working on the Microsoft smart watch.

Picture credit: Gizmag.com

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