Less than 15 per cent of active Sina Weibo accounts feature original posts

Chinese government to reduced sentences if prisoners Tweet pro-Beijing comments

The Chinese government is offering reduced sentences to prisoners who post pro-Beijing comments on Sina Weibo – China’s version of Twitter.

Xiao Qiang, a professor at Berkeley’s School of Information and founder of China Digital times, has discovered that there are commercial enterprises that contact for comment work in a bid to guide public opinion towards pro-government sentiment.

It’s been known that Chinese internet users can agree to leave positive comments about the government on social media and earn fifty Chinese cents per post, but reducing prison sentences for the task is absolutely shocking.

Xiao’s research also found that less than 15 per cent of active Sina Weibo accounts featured original posts, with over half being inactive or ‘zombie’ accounts.

Prisoner image via Shutterstock.com

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