Project records sleepy conversations between strangers

Call in the Night: Radio show connects strangers through nighttime phone calls

A new experimental radio show and telephone network has been set up to document nighttime experiences.

Those that sign up to Call in the Night will be randomly connected to strangers for late-night chat sessions. Users will be woken up from their sleep sometime after 2am and once connected with another user the conversation is recorded.

The project was created by Max Hawkins, a student from the Carnegie Mellon School of Art, and attempts to wake people mid-dream so they can be recorded talking about what was happening during their REM cycle.

In the middle of the night, several times a week, custom dialer software places a VOIP phone call to randomly selected subscribers where they’re prompted to discus their dreams.

All calls are recorded and sent to the Call in the Night server for analysis. Hawkins is in the process of setting up podcasts which will feature clips from conversations relating to a theme.

Those interested in taking part in the project can do so by visiting

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