And over half of US citizens use their phone while driving.

1 in 10 use smartphone during sex

Nine per cent of Americans use their smartphones during sex, a new study has found.

Data from The 2013 Mobile Con­sumer Habits study also shows that this figure rises to 20 per cent with those aged 18 to 34 years old.

Additionally, 12 per cent of US citizens use their phones in the shower and 19 per cent while at church.

The Jumio data, gathered by Harris Interactive, also reveals that nearly three in four Amer­i­cans (72 per cent) say they’re within five feet of their smart­phones the majority of the time.

Three quarters of Americans "embrace" their phone while in the cinema (35 per cent), during a dinner date (33 per cent), and at a child’s or school func­tion (32 per cent).

And 12 per cent of respon­dents admitted that they believe their smartphone gets in the way of their rela­tion­ship. 

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