Smartphone can fold out into a full-sized tablet

VIDEO: Samsung shows off foldable smartphone concept

A new concept video from Samsung reveals that the firm is continuing to work towards foldable mobile devices.

An audience member at this week’s MobileBeat conference in San Francisco filmed the video, which shows a smartphone that can be folded out into a full-sized tablet.

The video also shows a woman using part of the screen as wearable technology – she gives herself a health check by using a patch with radio waves to penetrate the skin and relays the information back to her smartphone, which she then sends back to her doctor.

The video hasn’t had an official release yet, but here’s what the audience member filmed:

At this year’s CES, Samsung showed off a bendable smartphone prototype. The firm has been working on flexible technology for some time, even showing off a early concept phone at CES 2012.

Analysts believe the technology is only a few years away from making its way into consumer electronic devices, so the above concept video may become a reality in the not too distant future.

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