This month an anonymous industry member rants about E3 and Apple WWDC

Soapbox: Big fat announcements

Every month we invite a member of the industry to anonymously air their grievances about whatever winds them up…

E3 and Apple WWDC happened last month, but really who gives a shit?

There’s a massive fuss every time one of these events take place, but how much does it actually affect those of us on the shop floor here in the UK?

It’s just like CES. Massive expo in Las Vegas. Almost zero impact on your average shop on the High Street – in my opinion.

Yes, yes, it showcases the key products of the future. I get it. But these products would get in front of buyers anyway – do they all really need to fly half-way across the world to get all sweaty in some convention centre and then do some gambling afterwards? Of course not.

Anything that’s any good, that starts a new trend or starts selling in huge quantities, is going to get noticed anyway, so what’s the point?

If the vendors are doing their jobs right, they should be talking to retailers and press already.

I just don’t care that a bunch of new PC games may or may not have been shown at E3. I don’t care about a sneak preview of a teaser trailer of a game that is rumoured to be released sometime in the next three years. Tell me about them when it’s time to put in an order, or when there might be an accessory out for them that comes in a box (rather than on Steam), that I can actually sell.

Apple has had yet another conference about how it’s slightly upgraded its entire range so it can charge even more for its products without passing on any of that profit margin to retailers? Fantastic. Tell me more.

There is a chance that I’m just bitter because we don’t have the budget to go to these things. Or maybe I’m right…

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