New advert shows the Surface can do two things at once

VIDEO: Microsoft pokes fun at Apple iPad’s multitasking issues

Microsoft is back with a new TV commercial which yet again focuses on slamming Apple’s iPad.

The advert shows two baseball recruiters watching players whilst using their tablets. One has a Microsoft Surface, the other has an Apple iPad.

The guy with the Surface tablet is seen opening multiple apps showing that Windows 8 tablets can open up apps side-by-side. The guy with the iPad is seen opening one app at a time and getting into a muddle when tries to keep up with the Surface.

The commercial ends with the strap ‘Do two things at once without dropping the ball’.

Check out the new advert below:

This isn’t the first commercial that Microsoft has released where it appears to be slamming the iPad. Back in May, the firm released an advert titled ‘less talking, more doing’, in which the iPad and the Surface are put side by side depicting the Microsoft tablet breezing through tasks while Apple’s Siri struggles to understand what’s being asked of it.

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