iPhone maker switches Helvetica Neue Light for the regular Helvetica Neue.

Apple switches iOS 7 font, internet goes crazy

Apple has made "the biggest design change during a beta period" by switching the font in iOS 7.

The iPhone and iPad maker has replaced Helvetica Neue Light with the regular Helvetica Neue in the latest iOS 7 beta 3 update, reported users on App.net, as covered by Business Insider.

Okay so maybe we exaggerated when we said the internet went crazy about the news, but it certainly caused a reaction with fans, and designer Neven Mrgan was thrilled by the news.

User Marco said: "That has to be the biggest design change Apple has done during beta period." Mrgan replied: "Indeed. And good for them. Good for us, too."

The change was made by Apple’s leading designer Jony Ive, and shows he’s willing to listen to feedback and implement changes to Apple’s operating systems.

You can see the font comparison below (Helvetica Neue above, Helvetica Neue Light below).

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