Reports claim CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil new plans this week following the departure of Xbox boss Don Mattrick.

Microsoft restructure to be revealed on Thursday?

Microsoft could announce a top-level restructure on Thursday, July 11th following the recent departure of Xbox boss Don Mattrick to Zynga.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is set to unveil the changes this week, according to "numerous sources" cited by AllthingsD

Apparently Bullmer wants to create “functional coherence” within the tech giant, with its top execs being given the highest roles.

It’s reported a new cloud computing and business-focused products unit could be led by servers and tools boss Satya Nadella, while online services expert Qi Lu could add Microsoft Office to his responsibility, and Windows boss Julie Larson-Green could head up Surface tablets and Xbox.

Windows Phone boss Terry Myerson is also expected to take over Windows engineering and platforms, while Windows Windows CFO and CMO Tami Reller could be given a bigger marketing role.

Ballmer is also reportedly thinking about bringing different divisions together, which currently have to publish their own separate financial reports.

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