The new social networking tool has been in beta since January.

US: Facebook Graph Search ready to launch, lets users discover friends’ intricate details

A new tool on social network Facebook has reportedly launched in the US today, allowing you to make in-depth searches based on your friends’ personal details and interests.

The Verge reports Facebook Graph Search is going live on Monday, July 8th, initially only for those who use Facebook in US English.

The tool allows Facebook users to search for more intricate details about their friends and their interests. For example, you can search for ‘friends who like cycling in Billericay, Essex’ and it will display relevant photos and details on-screen.

You can also search for ‘people who like cycling in London’, for example, and it will display profiles from users you may not know.

It’s not just limited to searching for interests either – users can look for people who have visited certain restaurants or seen a recent film, for example.

A mobile version of Facebook Graph Search is due to launch at a later date.

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