Jersey Shore fight caught on Google Glass and posted to YouTube

Man films first ever arrest on Google Glass at July 4th celebrations

A man wearing a pair of Google Glass specs has filmed what’s believed to be the first arrest captured on the wearable tech.

Chris Barret was wearing his Google Glass during July 4th celebrations at Jersey Shore.

The aim was to capture the firework display on his specs but what he ended up recording was the aftermath of a fight, with one participant being lead away by police.

Barret pointed out the ease of which he could film the dispute, saying that if he had a bigger or more noticeable camera the fighter would probably have punched him.

A recent survey found that 12 per cent of the US population would be willing to wear Google Glass on a regular basis, meaning there could be many more incidents like this filmed in the future where those involved in the incident are not aware they are actually being filmed. As opposed to when memebers of the public whip out their phone at any whiff of an altercation.

The filming follows on from the very first images posted by tester of the wearable technology back in May. They included HBO GO’s product manager Lucas Perlove’s view of his dentist looming over him.

Barret posted his video of the Jersey Shore brawl to YouTube, you can check it out below:

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