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PCR top stories of the week: July 5th, 2013

We take a look this week’s most talked about stories, including AMD’s Radeon graphics cards and Quake 3 Arena bots.

Two new AMD Radeon HD graphics cards tipped for September reveal

Fresh speculation about the next line of AMD’s Radeon graphics cards suggests a September reveal is on the cards.

VideoCardz states that AMD is currently working on the Hawaii silicon architecture that will power two new cards – the Radeon HD 9970 and the HD 9950 – as reported by MCV.

Quake 3 Arena bots evolve to live in harmony

A gamer claims Quake 3 Arena bots will evolve to live alongside each other peacefully.

According to the thread on 4Chan, when left on a pirate server for four years, the game’s bots – computer controlled players, which ‘learn AI’ from watching other players’ tactics – will actually learn to live in harmony rather than fight.

Android security flaw could allow 99% of devices to be hacked

Researchers have discovered a flaw in Google’s Android security model that enables rogue apps to turn legitimate apps into malicious Trojans.

The security flaw enables rogue apps to gain full access to the Android system and all other installed apps, read all data on the device, harvest passwords and creates a botnet of ‘always-on, always-connected and always-moving’ spy devices tracking users’ locations.

Jay-Z’s new album leaks online, Samsung owners report download problems

Hip hop music star Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but downloading his latest album isn’t one – that problem lies with some Samsung phone users.

Jay-Z launched his new album today exclusively for 1m owners of certain Samsung phones.

However, the album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, has leaked onto various file sharing sites online, while Samsung owners have reported issues when attempting to download it.

Currys and PC World launch software downloads

Electrical retailers Currys and PC World are now allowing customers to buy and download software programs from their websites.

The pair say this new "digital one-stop-shop" makes them the first multi-channel retailers to offer software products from brands such as Microsoft, Adobe and McAfee, available online as software downloads, as well as in-store.

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