Man implants speakers into his ears and magnets into his fingers to listen to music without headphones.

Is this the first human music ‘cyborg’?

A man has implanted magnetic speakers into his ears to listen to music without the need for headphones.

Rich Lee says the speakers work via a magnetic coil – worn as a necklace – which is powered by an amplifier. You could perhaps describe him as some kind of music cyborg. 

He even has a magnet implanted into his finger so he can hear music coming out of his fingertips, which he describes as a "crazy experience".

Lee made the device himself but said he will not sell other versions to buyers online. However he does offer advice to those interested by recommending they seek a ‘body implant person’.

He also he plans to also use the implanted speakers with his smartphone’s GPS system so he can listen to directions directly, reports Extreme Tech.

It’s been debated as to how relevant body modifications and technological implants will be in the future, like microchips which have a unique ID number. These can include data unique to the individual, whether it’s their contact information or medical history, for example.

Is Lee the first human music cyborg? See for yourself in his YouTube video below:

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