Company will also launch new smartphones this year, sources claim.

Gigabyte expected to ship record 20m motherboards this year

Gigabyte Technology will make a record number of motherboard shipments in 2013, say Taiwan-based manufacturers.

The company shipped some 4.8 million motherboards in Q2 2013 (like the GA-X79-UP4). This made up 9.9 million units for H1 2013, sources claimed. Gigabyte is expected to ship more than ten million in H2 this year. 

Plus, the firm aims to ship around 230,000 notebooks and tablets in 2013, as well as new smartphone models, reported TMC News.

The smartphones include two five-inch models – one equipped with a MediaTek-developed quad-core processor and the other with a Qualcomm-developed dual-core processor.

5.5-inch smartphones will reportedly be priced at around $250 to $300 when they go on sale in Q3 2013.

Gigabyte’s handsets, 40 per cent of which are produced in-house and 60 per cent outsourced to Chinese manufacturers, are predominantly on sale in Russia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

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