Teams up with eSellerPro WebShop to sell wireless home networking products and more.

Belkin launches ecommerce sites across Europe

Networking specialist Belkin has launched ecommerce websites in five countries across Europe with eSellerPro’s WebShop.

The new sites launched in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, with products including wireless home networking, entertainment devices, smartphone and tablet accessories.

Belkin worked with multichannel service provider Trojan and web shop creator eSellerPro to launch the sites.

“ESP ensured we could deliver what was a very challenging project, on time," said Clive Murphy, Trojan MD. 

"I feel there are very few businesses that would have taken on this project due to the short timescales but is just goes to show that with two committed delivery teams and the support of the client, what seems impossible to achieve, can be done."

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