Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system with a 44.37 per cent share.

Windows 8 overtakes Vista with 5.1% share of OS market

The Windows 8 operating system is now more popular than Windows Vista.

Net Applications data shows that Windows 8 is the third most used operating system in the world, with a 5.1 per cent share of the market, behind Windows XP (37.17 per cent) and Windows 7 (44.37 per cent).

These figures represent the share of desktop operating system web traffic each system had during June. Comparatively, Windows 8 had a 4.27 per cent share back in May.

Windows Vista had a 4.62 per cent share in June, while Mac OS X 10.8 had a 3.14 per cent share, Mac OS 10.6 had 1.76 per cent and OS X 10.7 had 1.73 per cent. Other systems had a 2.11 per cent share.

Windows 8 launched last year.

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