Company's research division says the device could be used for gaming and have medical uses

Microsoft shows off 3D touchscreen

Microsoft has developed a 3D touchscreen that can convey depth, weight, movement, and shape.

The company’s research division mounted a multitouch, stereo-vision 3D monitor onto a robot arm, to study how the ‘kinesthetic haptic sense’, which relates to motion rather than touch, can improve the touchscreen experience.

Users can move a finger on the screen to interact with on-screen 3D objects and experience physical force feedback.

The monitor was demonstrated in public for the first time during TechFest 2013, where Microsoft says it "intrigued attendees".

The special 3D touchscreen monitor requires the user to wear 3D glasses in order to use it.

While the device is in the research stage, Microsoft says it can be used for medical and gaming uses. For example, for the former, the monitor can display MRI-scanned data of a human brain. By gently pushing on the screen, doctors can explore the data and view different images of the brain.

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