Also supports SpecialEffect charity which makes gaming more accessible to those with disabilities.

Eizo monitor brand targets PC gamers, sponsors London esports bar Meltdown

Monitor supplier Eizo has set its sight on the PC gaming sector after sponsoring London’s new esports bar.

Eizo has installed five of its Foris FS2332 monitors into the Meltdown bar in Islington, which allows customers to grab a drink and play popular PC titles such as StarCraft II and League of Legends. Other Eizo products are used in Stockholm, Paris and Berlin.

A statement read: "Here in the UK, Eizo is swiftly aiming for first place among gamers.

"Internationally, Eizo is a well-known pro-active sponsor of eSports tournaments and one of the world’s leading teams, Fnatic."

Colin Woodley, Business Manager at Eizo Limited, added: “If you’re a serious gamer, you use an Eizo."

Eizo has also teamed up with the SpecialEffect charity, which helps make gaming more accessible to those with disabilities. It has donated three Foris FS2332 monitors, which SpecialEffect hopes to use to showcase its eye controlled EyeGaze technology.

"Everything about these monitors fits in with what we’re trying to do," said Charity Director Dr Mick Donegan. "Working with companies like Eizo is fundamental to our success. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to help as many people enjoy the inclusivity and therapeutic benefits of video games."

Woodley added: “We really welcome the opportunity to cement this partnership with the great people at SpecialEffect. It reinforces Eizo’s commitment to the gaming industry. Our technology enables those with poorer eyesight or those who have to sit in difficult positions to be able to see the whole screen, as the calibration and enhancements mean that the screen remains visible even at 178 degrees vertically and horizontally with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. We wish their gamers luck."

Eizo monitor prices start from £235; the majority of the products in the range come with five years’ warranty.

To contact Eizo’s sales team, call 01344 317 480.

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