Game’s bots evolved to do absolutely nothing after four years

Quake 3 Arena bots evolve to live in harmony

A gamer claims Quake 3 Arena bots will evolve to live alongside each other peacefully.

According to the thread on 4Chan, when left on a pirate server for four years, the game’s bots – computer controlled players, which ‘learn AI’ from watching other players’ tactics – will actually learn to live in harmony rather than fight.

The gamer details that he set up a server in 2007 with 16 bots playing each other in an endless war. In 2011, four years later, he returned to the server and found that the bots had evolved to do absolutely nothing.

Each of the AI files was 512MB per bot, meaning a total of 8GB of learned tactics and information. But what did they learn?

Instead of shooting each other, they bots had learned that the only way to ensure survival was to abandon violence. The bots just stand facing each other, forever.

"They would rotate to look at me," reads the thread. "I walked around a little bit and they all just kept looking at me."

Eventually the gamer decided to fire the first shot: "They all ran for the nearest weapons, took me down and the server crashed.”

Of course this could all be a hoax, but you can read the full thread yourself here.

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