Official says HP ‘has to be in the game’

HP confirms plans to re-enter the smartphone market

HP’s Yam Su Yin has revealed that the tech giant is intending to get back into the smartphone market.

Speaking to the Indian Express, HP’s senior director of consumer PC and media tablets said the firm is looking at smartphones as part of a larger consumer business pitch that includes tablets, notebooks and all-in-one systems.

When asked about potential plans for an HP smartphone, Yam Su Yin replied: “The answer is yes, but I cannot give a timetable. It would be silly if we say no. HP has to be in the game.”

This wouldn’t be the first time HP has attempted to enter the smartphone market. Several years ago the firm offered a range of mobile devices running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS. In 2010 HP bought mobile device maker Palm for $1.2 billion, with the intention of using Palm’s webOS in a broad portfolio of devices.

However, a short while after announcing a webOS-based tablet and a couple of smartphones, HP revealed that it was retiring its webOS-based services in 2011.

Yesterday, PCR reported that HP is launching a new All-in-One PC built with Android 4.2. The computer will be available from October 1st and comes with a £369 price tag.

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