4K TVs are set to make an appearance in the UK before the end of the year

Toshiba offers 4K TV pricing and availability

The firm has confirmed the pricing of its upcoming 4K TVs, and those of you looking to get your hands on one, you might want to start saving now.

Amongst Toshiba’s range is the 84-inch 4K TV, which will cost a eye-watering $16,999. Meanwhile the 65-inch and 58-inch offering will be priced at $6,999 and $4,999 respectively.

In addition to offering ultra-HD quality, the TVs also features Toshiba’s Resolution Restoration tech, which is capable of up-scaling non-4K images in order to provide a clearer picture.

Of course, the device also incorporates smart TV features such as Cloud TV, which provides users with access to a variety of on-demand content and streaming services.

As for availability, the 4K TVs are expected to debut in the UK before the end of the year.

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