Nvidia Shield delayed day before launch, set for July release

Nvidia Shield delayed day before launch, set for July release

On the eve of its launch, the release of Nvidia’s Shield console has been pushed back due to a mechanical issue.

Posting on the firm’s official blog, Jason Paul, director of Shield, confirmed that the device would be delayed past its initial release at retail, instead expected to launch at some point in July.

"We’re grateful for all the enthusiasm that’s been expressed for SHIELD, our new portable gaming device. And we’re eager to get it into your hands," said Paul.

"But we won’t do that until it’s fully up to the exacting standards that NVIDIA’s known for. And some final quality-assurance testing has just turned up a mechanical issue that we’re not happy with."

"So, while we announced last week that SHIELD will go on sale this Thursday, we’ve taken the hard decision to delay shipping until next month."

Nvidia’s handheld micro-console offering has generating excitement in the industry, given the possibilities of such a device.

Spec-wise, the Shield boasts a controller-style design, in addition to a five-inch flip-up 720p HD screen, 2GB of RAM and multi-touch support.

Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 hybrid mobile CPU/GPU processor, the Shield also features Android Jelly Bean, and as a result, provides access to the Google Play store’s entire portfolio of games.

"We’ll let you know when we have an exact shipping date in July. We think it will be worth the wait," continued Paul.

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