Both parties hope to end the iOS and Android 'duopoly' of the smartphone market

Microsoft and O2 forge partnership to push Windows Phone

Microsoft has signed a deal with Telefonica, owner of O2 within the UK, in order to push the Windows Phone brand more effectively to its customers.

The ‘strategic marketing agreement’ forged between the two firms is one that both parties hope will put an end to the iOS and Android ‘duopoly’ of the current smartphone market.

"With this arrangement Telef√≥nica reinforces its commitment to improve the current balance of mobile operating platforms on the market, encouraging it to be more diverse and less of a duopoly," reads the company’s press release.

"Promoting the use of Windows Phone 8 will benefit customers, as there will be more options to choose from while diluting the polarisation of installed base in operating platforms."

It’s a smart decision by Microsoft, which continues to discover new avenues of boosting the market share of its Windows Phone platform. It is hoped that higher awareness of Windows branded handsets in store will lead to a rise in the firm’s eight per cent smartphone market share.

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