Future MacBooks could incorporate multiple touch-enabled panels

Apple registers patent for ‘dual-sided trackpad’

A newly secured patent by Apple indicates the firm may be looking to update its MacBook range with a second touch panel.

Wording of the patent suggest that Apple may be looking to incorporate a touch screen to the lid of the MacBook, which work function much like an iPad or any other tablet.

In particular, the patent describes "A system including a capacitive array element capable of sensing touch from either side is described."

More interestingly, however, is the portion of the filing that states: "The track pad device may include a display element and the capacitive array element may be translucent."

That would suggest a MacBook device which sports a traditional keyboard, however, a touch screen that is functional when the lid of the device is closed.

Additional comments within the patent that Apple is indeed looking to potentially market a hybrid, two-in-one MacBook.

"The display element and the array element may be configured with respect to each other, where different configurations can be associated with different operating modes," the patent reads.

Of course, the filing of a patent doesn’t suggest an immediate move by any means, but it’s an avenue that Apple is clearly eyeing up.

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