Consumer survey finds Samsung's flagship handset to top rivals Apple, BlackBerry and HTC

Galaxy S4 twice as fast as iPhone 5, says Which?

A benchmark test conducted by the consumer magazine has found Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to come out on top, whilst Apple’s iPhone 5 puts in a disappointing performance.

Which? tested the latest smartphones on the market, including the likes of the HTC One, Sony Experia Z, Google Nexus 4, BlackBerry Z10, Galaxy Note 2 along with both Apple and Samsung’s flagship handsets.

The Geekbench 2 test found the Galaxy S4 to take the top spot with a impressive effort, achieving a score of 3,188, whilst the HTC One placed second with a score of 2,798.

In comparison, the iPhone 5 had a lacklustre outing, scoring just 1,664 in the test – less than half of the Galaxy S4.

Of course, users should consider the hardware within each device. It’s unsurprising to see the Galaxy S4 hammer the iPhone 5 given its 1.9GHz quad-core processor, whilst Apple’s handset sports just a 1.2GHz dual-core chip.

BlackBerry will no doubt be disappointed with the results of the test, with the BlackBerry Z10 achieving a grade of just 1,698 – a serious blow to the firm’s hopes of competing with the powerhouses of the smartphone market.

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