Matches, interviews and behind the scenes to be live-streamed

YouTube starts streaming Wimbledon

Hardcore tennis fans can watch live Wimbledon matches on YouTube, starting today.

One of the most popular tennis events started this morning (Monday 24th). Those who aren’t lucky enough to sit in front of a TV for two weeks watching Wimbledon unfold had to previously rely on radio commentary or updates via the web and through dedicated apps.

But fear no more Wimbledon lovers, you can now watch matches being live-streamed on YouTube!

While the firm’s blog reveals that users will be able to ‘catch key moments’ from the biggest games, the Wimbledon channel does have a live stream running from 12pm to 7pm every day of the championships, meaning tennis fans will most certainly be able to get their fix of balls and grunting.

As well as the actual matches, Wimbledon’s YouTube page will be showing interviews, behind the scenes and press conferences throughout the event.

If you’d like to find out if Federer can get one more Wimbledon Championship under his belt or see Serena Williams destroy the hopes, dreams and tennis rackets of every other female tennis player, check out all the Wimbledon action at

You never know, Andy Murray might win this one…

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