Analyst discusses the upcoming changes within Windows 8.1, whilst highlighting the benefits for business users

‘Windows 8.1 could quiet most of its detractors,’ says Gartner

As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 8.1, Garnter has credited the update with introducing a host of changes that could see the operating system become a more appealing choice for business users.

Within a blog post, Gartner analysts discuss the changes set to be introduced by Windows 8.1 and highlight the advantages for business users and those who had previously criticised the OS.

"Based on information currently available, Gartner believes Windows 8.1 features could quiet most of its detractors," write analysts Michael A. Silver and Stephen Kleynhans.

Amongst the changes discussed is the reintroduction of the Start button, the straight-to-desktop boot function and Internet Explorer 11.

"After Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, users discussing its features criticized the newly introduced user experience, the elimination of the ‘start’ button and the inability to boot directly to the desktop."

The analysts highlight the benefit of the straight-to-desktop boot function as one that will appeal to business users, in addition to "tighter integration with the consumer-targeted SkyDrive, more choices for splitting Windows onscreen, and the replication of relevant control panel functions in the new user interface, which reduces the need to switch to the desktop."

Gartner’s report summarises with deployment advice for business considering a rollout of Windows 8, stressing the need for a testing period in order to ensure that their most important applications are compatible with the new OS.

As for business introducing new PCs and hardware, the analysts recommend adopting Windows 8.1 following a successful testing period, whilst those businesses already trialling the OS should switch over to Windows 8.1 as soon as possible.

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