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With the launch of its new Lumina 925, Nokia attempts to snub the iPhone 5 and its reliance in a flash in low-lit conditions

Nokia mocks Apple in latest ad with iZombies

Within its latest commercial, Nokia not-so-subtly attempts to snub Apple and the iPhone’s dependency on its flash feature.

Showing off its new Lumina 925 handset and its high-end camera, which doesn’t require a flash in poorly-lit conditions, Nokia attempts to upstage the iPhone with quite a creative video.

Opening with a Lumina 925 user walking through the dark streets of a nameless metropolis, our protagonist is quickly surrounded by individuals suffering with both a pale white complexion and a serious case of red eye.

What we could typically recognise as the modern day zombie, Nokia deems the beings as something a little less sinister: iPhone users.

Apparently reeling from the effect’s of using the iPhone’s camera in dark, poorly-lit circumstances, the mob of flash-stricken Apple fans quickly surround the Nokia users and snap him with what is clearly an iPhone 5 handset, presumably turning him into one of their own.

Following Average Joe’s demise, the advert fades out to Nokia’s blurb of the Lumina 925, which simply reads: "The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash."

Creative? Yes. Gritty? Yes. A little too much? Maybe. Still, Nokia’s take on the rival-bashing commercial is different if nothing else.

Check out the advert below.


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