The iconic phone hand gesture could soon become an everyday reality with the creation of the Bluetooth glove

British designer creates glove phone

As wearable technology continues to advance, one British designer has produced a Bluetooth enabled glove that functions likes a phone.

Whilst the industry’s biggest players focus on incorporating smart technology within watches and glasses, Sean Miles of Designworks took the much simpler idea of incorporating the functionality of a phone within a glove.

How quintessentially British.

The device works using a built-in Bluetooth receptor, which connects to a users phone which remains in their pocket. As the smartphone rings, the user is able to answer the call via a button on the glove itself, and proceed to take the call by using the timeless phone gesture.

With a speaker placed in the glove and a microphone within the pinky, a user is able to conduct a phone call, all by – quite literally – talking to the hand.

During an interview with the BBC, Miles highlights the device as a design challenge rather than one aimed for consumer use after he was approached by phone company 02 Recycling, but it’s hard to imagine an idea as innovative as this not winding up on the hands of the everyday smartphone user.

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