Greg Lockley discusses if it's time for gamers to realistically consider Windows 8 as their primary operating system

OPINION: It ain’t broke, but should I fix it?

Greg Lockley discusses his gaming setup, and as a PC gamer, if it’s time to give Windows 8 a shot.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I admit I’m scared of change. Perhaps scared isn’t the right word, but I’m definitely a creature of habit. I like things exactly the way they are.

My gaming setup is a dead giveaway of this, organised in an almost OCD-like manner. Monitors (yes, multiple) are placed at a particular angle. Keyboard programmed with a number of macros. Headset fine-tuned with precise settings. And I’d be completely lost without my own mouse and its plethora of extra action buttons, each with their own distinct purpose.

Like many, I’m the guy that creates a custom interface within World of Warcraft, and is rendered useless when it all falls apart.

So with this much precision and control over external factors, it serves as no surprise that operating system is one of the most important factors of my gaming setup. For compatibility, performance and comfort, choice of operating system is an important and deeply personal one. But, it’s one that gamers face every few years as they update their PCs and new operating systems surface.

Admittedly, I still choose to run Windows 7. That’s not a reflection of my thoughts on Windows 8, but simply my happiness with its predecessor. It does everything I require and does so in a way that I’m both familiar and comfortable with. But increasingly, I’m wondering whether I’m missing out by staying faithful to Windows 7.

Like the cynical PC user that still opts to run XP, am I missing out by refusing to update and try something new?

The results of the latest Steam survey are likely to serve as the final push I need to give Windows 8 an honest try. Reception of the OS has been largely mixed since its release, but much like my decision to stick with Windows 7 for so long, it’s one that’s based largely on personal taste.

As more gamers migrate to Microsoft’s flagship OS, I think it’s time I followed suit and gave the OS an honest try, / @greglockley

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