If recently leaked images are an accurate representation of the next iPhone, the device won't sport many changes

Leaked iPhone 5S images suggest minor changes

If you’re looking for the next iPhone to introduce a host of new features or major design changes, these leaked images might leave you a little disappointed.

Images obtained by MacRumours reportedly show the net iPhone, which the reports refers to as the iPhone 5S.

On show is a handset very similar to the current iPhone 5, with little to no changes aesthetically. The rear of the device appears to show minor changes to the device, with the rumoured 5S sporting a dual-LED flash over the single LED used within the original iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, shots revealing the inside of the device again cast doubt over any major overhaul of the device’s being, with the only noticeable change being the use of a higher capacity 5.92 Whr battery.

Whilst we’ve been bombarded with both iPhone 5S and even iPhone 6 images recently, the layout of the device pictured within these images are uniform with the innards of the current iPhone 5 – something that would add a certain degree of legitimacy.

Of course the images, as ever, remain purely speculative. One thing we can safely presume though, is that the next iPhone device – whatever it’s called – will sport iOS 7, which Apple revealed at its WWDC earlier this month.

The new iOS has undergone a variety of changes, with everything from the platforms home screen, lock mechanism and icons being completely redesigned.

Images from MacRumours

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