GfK's Carl West talks to PCR about the gadgets that have played a key role in his life over the years

Carl West: My life in gadgets

We talk to Carl West, business group director, GfK, about his favourite pieces of technology through the years.


My first ever gadget was the Sinclair ZX81 personal computer. I modded it with a 128k RAM upgrade and a stick-on rubber keyboard. My first school CDT project was making a wooden carry case with polystyrene molding so I could take it round to friends’ houses to play games.


Later a Tatung Einstein computer was given to me by my father. The Tatung was a basic computer on which I learnt to program Pascal and Crystal Basic. This was the machine that got me interested in computing and later was the basis for web design and database building at companies I have worked at.


The most significant historic phone I have owned was the Orange SPV. Based on Windows CE, it was the spark for my insatiable hunger for the latest handset. As a result I went through every SPV series phone including PDA and Nokia Communicator, until the launch of the iPhone.


Regarding gaming I have to highlight the Super Nintendo (SNES), which was the console that got me through A-level revision and also was used by my house mates and I playing Mario Kart after many late drunken nights.


Today, outside of the constant use of my smartphone my gadget of choice is a tablet. I do not use a computer at home anymore. My tablet is used for shopping, gaming, social, education, my calendar, work and keeping my kids happy on long journeys.

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