The move will see Nvidia's GPU and visual technology patents feature in a wide variety of devices

Nvidia to license GPU technology to manufacturers

Nvidia has announced it will begin licensing its GPU and visual computing technology out to device manufacturers.

David Shannon, Nvidia executive vice president, made the announcement during a blog post, stating the firm would license out its Kepler based GPU technology to device makers.

With the new business model, Nvidia is set to feature its patented technology in a host of different products, ranging from smartphones to supercomputers.

"It’s not practical to build silicon or systems to address every part of the expanding market," said Shannon, "adopting a new business approach will allow us to address the universe of devices."

The move comes at a time where the PC market continues to slow down, and global PC shipments remain in steady decline.

Following Nvidia’s reaffirmed support for the PC, stepping away from other areas such as gaming consoles and the likes of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, the new business model is one that should see the firm maintain success through the popularity of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

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