Leaked marketing material details the platform as the first eight-core CPU for desktops

Intel leaks eight-core Haswell-E desktop CPU

Details of Intel’s Haswell-E platform have surfaced online, which will see the firm launch the first eight-core CPUs for desktop PCs.

Leaked Intel marketing material obtained by VR-Zone indicates that the platform aimed at enthusiasts, will launch in the second half of 2014.

But more importantly, the leak also confirms that Intel will ditch its four-core chip models in favour of both six and eight-core editions for desktops.

As the first eight-core CPU for enthusiast desktop users, the platform will also allow for up to 20MB of L3 cache, whilst the continued use of Hyper Threading will result in a maximum of 16 available logical cores for the CPU.

With the release of the Haswell-E platform, Intel is also likely to release its Wellsburg motherboard chipset, which is set to support DDR4 RAM clocking in at a maximum speed of 2,133MHz.

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