Both gadgets are capable of charging devices simply through the use of the human body's heat

Vodafone launches festival-themed chargeable gadgets

Thinking of hitting the festivals this year? Vodafone has got you and your tech covered.

The UK network provider has announced the availability of two festival themed gadgets: a pair of chargeable shorts and sleeping bag.

Both devices are said to charge the users tech by using only the power of the body and have been developed by Vodafone in conjunction with the Electonics and Computer Science Department at the Univeristy of Southhampton.

"Festival season is upon us! The Isle of Wight festival kicks off tomorrow and stretches into the weekend, but, as any festival goer knows, that can be bit of an ask when it comes to keeping our phones full of juice. But what if you could charge your kit while you walk, dance and sleep?" says Vodafone’s official blog.

First up is the Power Pocket, a pair of denim shorts that will charge a device whilst it is kept in the pocket. Similarly, the Recharge sleeping bag is capable of charging devices whilst the user is sound asleep within the bag.

"Eight hours in the sleeping bag, roughly speaking, will provide 24 minutes of talk time and 11 hours of standby time. That’s assuming the inside of the sleeping bag is 37 degrees – human body temperature," said Stephen Beeby, professor of Electronic Systems at the University.

Vodafone says it will be testing out the new devices throughout this year’s festival season – and the devices could prove popular amongst young tech-users looking to save some juice for those festival snaps.

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