Smartphones get baked in an oven

VIDEO: Samsung drops, punches and bakes Galaxy S4

Samsung has released a new ‘reliability test’ video showing its latest flagship smartphone being put through a series of ordeals.

The Korean video shows the Galaxy S4 being dropped, punched, plunged into a pool of water and even baked in an oven, which the translation calls the ‘temperature and humidity torture test’.

Each handset must be in full working order after the series of tests in order to pass.

Samsung has come under fire over the past year with claims that its handsets have overheated or exploded. A number have been dismissed as hoaxes, but perhaps the firm has decided to release this video to reassure consumers that each device has to pass this extreme reliability test before it reaches the customers’ hands.

Whatever the reason, it’s a very interesting insight into the fun world of the smartphone production line at Samsung’s Korean headquarters.

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