Worldwide Developers Conference could unveil new streaming service

Will iRadio make an appearance at Apple’s WWDC event?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference always creates a whirlwind of speculation, and this year’s WWDC is no different, with everything from iRadio to iPhone OS upgrades on the rumour mill.

Today’s event takes place at 10am in San Francisco, US – 6pm in the UK.

WWDC usually focuses on software – so expect news about iOS and OS X for starters. There’s a chance of some hardware Mac announcements too.

iRadio is an appealing prospect for the event. The idea of Apple’s freemium radio streaming service has been around for a while. The Wall Street Journal reported on it as far back as last September.

Then Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, talking about Apple’s internet services, told investors: "We believe Apple could charge either developers or users for some of these services, which could boost Apple’s annuitized revenue stream and better monetize its large user base. For example, Apple could offer a streaming music service using a freemium model."

It’s likely to be tied to iTunes, and though the service will be rather behind Spotify, the brand has enough presence to be able to convert consumers with relevant ease – if the product’s any good.

This year’s WWDC runs from June 10th-14th. For more information visit

With over 100 sessions, extensive hands–on labs, and engaging events, attendees are able to connect with Apple engineers and fellow developers, while the rest of the world waits for the news updates.

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