NetGenie router gives control back to parents

Micro-P Security and NetGenie work together to keep children safe online

Micro-P Security, a network security specialist and B2B distributor, is working with its reseller partners to help both families and education institutions counter online threats to children.

The company says there’s a real need for online security measures, not just due to the type of material that is readily available online, but also due to the increased use of unsecured tablet PCs and smartphones at home and at school, which appear to be escalating the risk of ungoverned exposure to inappropriate material. This makes monitoring content even harder for parents and teachers.

For home users, Micro-P Security states that using products such as Cyberoam’s NetGenie home wireless router make it easy even for busy parents to address their internet security concerns effectively.

The NetGenie router enables parents to govern internet use for all of the family using special parental controls and they are also able to set time restrictions on their children’s internet usage. This means parents can easily block and prevent access to unsafe and adult content – like pornography, nudity or spy-ware infected sites. It also keeps viruses, botnets, intruders and hackers at bay when families are online using any internet-ready device including laptops, iPads, smartphones and even gaming consoles.

Mindful that harmful internet content is a long term problem, NetGenie provides a long term commitment to keeping families safe. Its home wireless router is supplied with three year’s antivirus support, to protect home networks and all related devices from viruses and hackers. 

Commenting on the need to stay safe when using the internet, Jason Hill from Micro-P stated: “The internet is a wonderful, rewarding and rich source of knowledge and entertainment. However, it is also tainted by an undercurrent of content that families can be protected from by using products like this router from NetGenie, on whatever their favourite web-browsing device happens to be. Parents and schools have a responsibility to ensure that they are protecting children from inappropriate content, and we’re making it easy for our resellers to play their part in providing their customers with robust protection from these risks.”

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