Twitter has played host to yet another argument, this time between HTC and Samsung.

HTC and Samsung involved in heated Twitter spat

An argument, on Twitter? Surely not. Alas, HTC and Samsung have taken to the social networking site to air their differences in very public and childish fashion.

Both firms became embattled in a rather catty argument on Twitter after HTC took to the social-networking site to boast its win at the recent Mobile Awards.

Following the ceremony last Thursday, HTC tweeted the success of its flagship HTC One handset, which took home the ‘Hottest phone of 2013’ award.

However, the firm also took the opportunity to take a shot at Samsung, mentioning the firm within the tweet and addressing them with simply "ouch".


Of course Samsung, not wanting to miss the opportunity to emphasise its own social media bravado, responded to the tweet by refreshing HTC’s memory that it won three awards of its own on the night.


It’s at this point where the conversation turned sour, with HTC’s PR team opting to bring up claims that Samsung paid off students to write positive reviews of its products.


Whilst referring to the investigation of Samsung by Taiwanese officials, which investigated whether the firm paid students to anonymously post positive comments surrounding the phone maker’s devices online, the claims are yet to be confirmed – and could potentially land HTC in a heap of libellous trouble.

At this point, LG entered the conversation in an attempt to calm tempers, simply tweeting a picture of the late Michael Winner pictured in his popular car insurance ad campaign, which simply stated "Calm down dears, it’s only a phone."


What’s more unbelievable is that HTC is yet to back down from the damaging comments, as the tweets continue to appear on the firm’s Twitter profile.

Meanwhile, the very public nature of the ‘discussion’ was met by the delight of consumers, who hung on each firm’s every word with bated breath. As a result, a number of hashtags were coined throughout the exchange of words, including the likes of #techbanter and #shotsfired.

And that, folks, is life in the smartphone industry. Bitter, childish and most importantly, hilarious.

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