Telltale hints at DLC with a series of Vine clips

Steam database listing leaks The Walking Dead ‘400 Days’ DLC

It seems Steam’s database listing has accidentally leaked information about the next instalment in Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

The database lists ‘The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC’ beneath both PC and Mac classifications and the content was mentioned again on the database in the game’s history section.

This isn’t the first hint that a season 1 DLC is on the way. Telltale has posted a number of Vine clips over the past week featuring new characters, which seem to fit in with the ‘400 Days’ theme, with titles such as Day 2, Day 220 and Day 236.

As well as this, there have been multiple reports that Telltale’s E3 exhibitor page listed The Walking Dead Season 1 DLC for a brief period before being pulled, heavily suggesting that all will be revealed next week.

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