Gaming treadmill surpasses Kickstarter target as VR technology becomes increasingly accessible to gamers

Omni treadmill sprints past Kickstarter target

VR technology is coming along leaps and bounds, quite literally, as the Omnidirectional gaming treadmill has reached its funding target.

One of the hottest crowdfunded gaming devices of the year so far, Virtuix’s Omni treadmill is the next step towards virtual reality gaming, as it combines with the Oculus Rift headset in order to offer an entirely immersive experience.

Players are able to use the device to track their movement and direction, which when combined with the 360-degree motion-tracking of the Oculus Rift, allows players to control their movement in game, well, with their actually movement.

Virtuix listed the Omni on Kickstarter with an initial target of $150,000 but after videos of the device went viral on the web, gamers have jump at the chance to help fund the device.

As a result, the device has now received over $600,000 of funding in just 48 hours.

Those looking to get their hands on the Omni can do so for as low as $250, with packages including the device and all the necessary equipment (platform, shoes, belt, software) are available for $429.

Virtuix maintains that the Omni is set to enter production late December, with the device shipping in January 2014.

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