The A10 smartphone will be an ‘all-touch’ device

New BlackBerry A10 flagship handset to launch this year

A Sprint Nextel executive has told CNET that BlackBerry’s next flagship smartphone, the A10, will launch ‘during the holidays’.

"We’re not done with BlackBerry, there’s more to come," said Lois Eichelberger Fagan, director of product portfolio for Sprint Nextel, in an interview with CNET last month.

Since then CNET has reported that the new model will be called the A10 and Sprint has stated the device will be available in the US this year.

The carrier held out on BlackBerry’s first touchscreen device, the Z10, and opted to wait for the launch of the Q10, which comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

There are very few specs on the new device, but it is reported to be an ‘all-touch’ device with no QWERTY keyboard.

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