Existing i-watch.ru name in Russia could prove difficult for Apple's rumored device

Apple reportedly files for iWatch trademark in Russia

Rumours surrounding the iWatch continue to heat up, but rumblings from Apple indicate the firm is getting closer to unveiling the device.

A report from Russian newspaper Izvestia indicates Apple has filed a trademark for the iWatch name with the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

Filing for two individual International Classification of Goods and Services trademarks with the government body, one of the classifications covers computer technology and peripherals, whilst the other involves "hours", which would strongly indicate a watch or clock device.

However, with online watch vendor i-watch.ru. having already registered its own trademark back in 2008, Apple may face difficulties in securing the iWatch name.

In order for Apple to secure the trademark, the existing i-watch.ru name would need to be repealed by a court. Of course, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Apple use its financial muscle to secure the trademark, if it was indeed looking to secure the iWatch name for its own device.

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